Let’s start making Better happen.

We are committed to help protect your patient relationships and support ongoing medication maintenance even after they leave your office or pharmacy.

Our experienced team of medical advisors, scientists, sales professionals, and support staff has developed a series of educational videos and additional resources to help you effectively promote and sell Fourth Power Labs products.

We are committed to your success

We are committed to your success

Our Customer Success Specialists are here to advance our partnership and ensure you have access to the resources required to be successful. If you have questions or require support, please let us know.

Promotional Resources

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Promote your unique, seven-digit provider to every patient and give them access to your online store where they can create an account and purchase products at their convenience.

Quick Start Video Series

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Welcome to Fourth Power Labs

Greg Lake, CEO and Co-Founder of Fourth Power Labs, welcomes you to our exciting new partnership.  Greg shares his enthusiasm and passion for the work we have done to deliver the highest quality CBD products, exclusively to Medical Professionals and why Fourth Power Labs is the right partner for your business.


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Marketing Strategies & Techniques

Claire Concowich, Director of Marketing for Fourth Power Labs, explains ways to effectively sell and differentiate our products from the competition.  Claire highlights Fourth Power Labs unique value propositions and strategies to help you acquire and maintain market share.


If there are additional ways Fourth Power Labs can help protect your patient relationships, please let us know because Better Partnerships Matter.